Review by SM(Argentina)

After having been through the stress of making a direct visa 
application without a solicitor acting on our behalf, my wife and I 
decided to invest in the services of a lawyer. We are based in South 
Cumbria and had been looking for an immigration solicitor close to 
home because we wanted to deal with them face to face. We found and 
approached John Singh from Khazan Lawyers regarding his services for 
our second Further Leave to Remain and after meeting him, he got 
straight to work!

Mr Singh is the perfect example of “If you want anything done, give it 
to a busy person”. His Preston office has a small desk with his 
computer and two chairs where he meets with his clients but also has 
what seems to be a massive dining table to one side which is always 
full with piles of cases neatly divided into brown case-folders, and 
every time you come in for a chat, all these cases seem to have been 
swept from the table to be replaced with new ones, and when you get to 
know John a bit more you understand how his methodical mind works. He 
is concise, precise, detailed and informed.

I am very happy to say we stuck with John Singh as he steadily guided 
us through three successful applications including Second stage 
Further Leave to Remain, Indefinite Leave to Remain and Naturalisation

John is extremely knowledgeable, courteous and genuinely interested in 
one’s case and how to solve it.

We would definitely recommend John Singh and Khazan Lawyers for any 
matters you may have regarding immigration (SM Argentina)


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John was very professional, had a great attention to detail and was really knowledgeable. Excellent communication and very friendly. Went above and beyond, couldn’t praise enough!! Thank you

Review By ZT(Belarus)

I am from Belarus and my husband is British. It was time to renew myvisa, and my friend from ESOL class recommended “Khazan & coimmigration lawyers” and John Singh, who represents this company. John is well informed, helpful and polite. His fee was very competitive. We decided to ask John to help us to apply for settlement. It was avery complicated time during the lock down, but thanks to John I havenow received my biometric card. We will definitely recommend John to anyone who requires his service. We give 5 stars for your service thank you very much.

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