Review by Zimbabwe

I had been in the UK for 14 years without any status. My immigration
history and circumstances were very complex. I visited Solicitors in
many other cities however they did not wish to take my case due to the
difficult circumstances and others were far too expensive. I was
losing all hope.

I found Khazan Lawyers online and learned they were actually located
close to me in Preston. This was all God’s plan and God’s decision.
I made an appointment and met Mr John Singh of Khazan Lawyers. Not
only was he warm and supportive, he was also calm and told me that I
had a strong chance of getting a visa. After many hours, days, weeks,
of preparing the documents including months of waiting
for my country to renew my passport, we finally submitted the 
application (EEA Regulations).

After 4 Months of waiting and praying my visa was approved. I could
not have done it without God and Help from Khazan Lawyers. I would
recommend him to anyone who has a complicated matter. You will get a
Great Service, Excellent communication throughout the entire process
and reassurance. (BY Zimbabwe)


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Me and my partner could not be happier with the genuine and honestprofessional service, John has given us the same level of competencefrom our initial

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John was very professional, had a great attention to detail and was really knowledgeable. Excellent communication and very friendly. Went above and beyond, couldn’t praise enough!! Thank you

Review By ZT(Belarus)

I am from Belarus and my husband is British. It was time to renew myvisa, and my friend from ESOL class recommended “Khazan & coimmigration lawyers” and John Singh, who represents this company. John is well informed, helpful and polite. His fee was very competitive. We decided to ask John to help us to apply for settlement. It was avery complicated time during the lock down, but thanks to John I havenow received my biometric card. We will definitely recommend John to anyone who requires his service. We give 5 stars for your service thank you very much.

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John Singh’s immigration service provided me and my clients with an excellent service. When all of my clients requested applications fortravel documents john was very

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