student visa

Student Visa


The UK is fast emerging as the most popular study destinations for education in the world. All educational institutions in the UK are subject to audits periodically to standardize the quality of its education which ensures a high level of quality and standard due to being closely assessed by their governors.

The UK qualifications are recognised and respected throughout the world. They serve as a solid foundation for building one’s future, boosting careers and prospects for a higher salary. Studying in the UK will provide you with English language and communication skills which are important for future career prospects as the language is the most recognised across the globe.

Not only are we able to provide you with representation for your student visa application but are also able assist in your institution admission/enrolment. We are currently working together with many educational institutions which are registered in accordance to the Tier 4 UK Home Office policy. We are able to assist in placing you within an institution at all levels of education.

Studying in the UK also permits you to work for between 10 – 20 hours per week depending on your level of study which provides you with the opportunity to obtain the much valuable work experience.

All students applying for a student visa below the level of a degree course are required to show their ability to study in the English language in accordance to the UKBA requirements.